Many people are looking to take advantage in this market of foreclosed homes in Greenville SC.  There are many great options that I can help you find when it comes to buying a new home to live in yourself, keep for rental property, fix it up and resell it or any number of other options.  The time to act is right now as there has never been a better time for both buyers (even first time home buyers) or investors.  A lot of people have a negative view of realtors, and decide to try and tackle the entire project of purchasing a home by themselves.  The persisting problem(s) that I have noticed with people who try to do this is that they don’t know the ever changing real estate market and can end up paying WAY too much for their property. Or they end up with a troublesome property with lots of issues, i.e. repairs, title issues, encroachments etc. because they didn’t have the right team of real estate professionals i.e. agents, lenders, attorneys, home inspectors etc helping them along the way. When it comes to buying foreclosed properties and bank owned homes, it helps having someone represent you that has over 10 years experience in the selling them. Dealing with banks can be very tricky and you need someone who knows how to negotiate with the bank and get them to accept your offer. This is my specialty!!

Dealing with mortgage banks and lenders is one of the toughest parts of buying a home. The lending guidelines have drastically changed and continue to do so almost on a daily basis. Many people try to do a quick study on the internet and think that they are well prepared to tackle this.  The truth is it’s just not that simple.  Many people get frustrated and end up not buying a home at all, or worse, they end up purchasing a home they are not happy with at all, with a loan that is not what they signed up for.  With the latter, many times people are stuck scratching their heads wondering how they ended up in that situation.  You may think this couldn’t happen to you but, having been in the real estate market in the Greater Greenville Upstate area since 1999, I have seen this happen one too many times. It’s so important not only to have a real estate agent working for you that can help you find a great home at a great buy, but that can also help you get the best financing possible and will make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of in this department.
I would like to say one thing about some of the “realtors” in our marketplace. Many of them, certainly not all of them, got into this business just to make a whole lot of money really fast, and their work ethic is an obvious reflection of that.  I got into this business and bought and sold my first house at only 18 years old because I genuinely like helping people find a home that they not only love but one that they feel like they got a great buy on and had someone looking out for their best interest the whole time. I love being a part of helping families in the Upstate find a house or property that they are truly happy with while also educating them in the real estate market and process along the way.
In most cases, people are afraid to ask questions in fear that they will feel “stupid” or get laughed at.  Rest assured, when you come in to Key Real Estate and meet with me, I will be happy to answer all of your questions and sit down with you and discuss the steps that we must take to get you into a home that you love.  So don’t worry, I specialize in “SIMPLYFYING REAL ESTATE”. Call me or come by today.
Sincerely Yours,
Daniel D. Sprayberry

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